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Match | Te Puna Taurite offers registered charities the ability to get in front of multiple funders with one action. Fundseekers create their organisational profile, and can load funding requests.  

There is real flexibility in terms of what they can seek funding for (operating costs, projects, salaries etc) and how they can communicate (in writing, by video, uploaded documents, links to other sites).

One of the goals of Match | Te Puna Taurite is a more accessible funding system, so we’ve designed it to support community groups with little or no funding resources to get in front of funders just as much as the bigger charities with fundraising staff.  

Fundseekers select what topics, regions and demographics they operate in, and provide other information. Funders can tailor their searches based on these selections and keywords, to help them identify the causes they want to support. 

Match | Te Puna Taurite is linked with the Charities Register, so registered charities can choose to use auto-populated information from the register, or select their own. 

While Match | Te Puna Taurite is only for registered charities (aside from a small number of invited groups in a pilot), we recognise that there are many non-registered community organisations doing amazing work. We’ll consider expanding at a later date, but right now we are focused on getting Match | Te Puna Taurite up and running and delivering value for the current user group. 

For more information check out our frequently asked questions.

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*Early bird pricing until 31st October 2022. Invoicing from 1st October 2022.