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  • Q: What is Match | Te Puna Taurite and who is it for?
    Match | Te Puna Taurite is an online service that helps both those seeking and distributing philanthropic funding in Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s for registered charities that seek funding, and for philanthropists and grantmakers, and their advisors, who have funds to give. It’s designed for those giving larger amounts that can either partly or fully fund a charity or its projects. Therefore, funders must distribute more than $20,000 a year to be part of Match | Te Puna Taurite.
  • Q: What is the aim of Match | Te Puna Taurite?
    The vision of Match | Te Puna Taurite is a more equitable, accessible and collaborative funding system that more easily connects those with funds to those that seek them. Equity sees funding flowing to Māori, Pasifika, Rainbow, disability and ethnic communities. Accessibility means small charities with little or no fundraising resources can more easily get in front of philanthropists and grantmakers. Collaboration enables like-minded funders to connect with each other to support their giving and make things easier for charities. Match | Te Puna Taurite is for all registered charities, but it particularly aims to support groups working with Māori, Pasifika, Rainbow, ethnic, and disability communities, and small charities who lack fundraising to identify and apply for funding. J B Were research shows 91% of donations and grants in Aotearoa New Zealand goes to only 9% of registered charities, which highlights current issues with accessibility and equity.
  • Q: When will I be able to sign up?

    A: You can sign up right now to join the Match | Te Puna Taurite community! All you need to do is click "Join" in the top right corner, fill in the form with your information and we will get back to you when we can to confirm your account.

  • Q: Who runs Match | Te Puna Taurite?
    Match | Te Puna Taurite is an initiative from Philanthropy New Zealand | Tо̄pūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa (PNZ). PNZ is a registered charity. Its purpose is to grow great giving in Aotearoa New Zealand through inspiring more giving, supporting better giving, and ensuring a strong system for giving.
  • Q: What are the benefits of Match | Te Puna Taurite for funders?
    Match | Te Puna Taurite gives funders a quick and easy online way to find charities working in areas funders care about and want to support, easily finding all requests on one site. Match | Te Puna Taurite enables funder-to-funder connection, so funders can discuss topics and collaborate on funding projects. Note that individual philanthropists can request anonymity. Funders will be better able to respond quickly in a crisis, such as an earthquake or other significant event. In that case, funders can search for groups working in particular areas, and charities supporting affected communities can flag they need support to meet the immediate need. Funders are reassured the charities are verified, as all charities that join are matched to their information on the New Zealand Charities Register.
  • Q: What are the benefits of Match | Te Puna Taurite for fundseekers?
    Match | Te Puna Taurite allows charities to upload funding requests and get in front of multiple potential funders with a single action. This greatly reduces a charity’s workload and expands the pool of funders charities can approach. Any type of funding can be applied for via Match | Te Puna Taurite – for a specific project, salaries or general operating costs. Funders can find charities without charities having to actively seek them out. Funders can use Match | Te Puna Taurite to search for charities supporting causes or working in areas they are interested in supporting. Charities cannot initiate contact with funders through Match | Te Puna Taurite, however, links to most participating funders’ websites will be listed on the service. Charities can flag that they need money urgently after an emergency or major event. Funders can then respond more quickly to help in a time of urgent need. Charities can feed back on the funding system. As part of the Match | Te Puna Taurite community, you’ll be invited to tell us (anonymously) about your experiences, and we will use your voice to make positive change.
  • Q: Who will see and use my data and information?
    When charities and funders sign up they will need to adhere to a privacy policy and community guidelines. We are a privacy-conscious organisation and do all we can to respect your information. For fundseekers, the information they choose to put on their profiles and in funding requests can be viewed by funders. Other fundseekers cannot view this information. Funders can choose whether they would like other funders to see their profile. Fundseekers cannot contact funders directly through Match | Te Puna Taurite, given other existing channels for registered charities to make contact. The team at Philanthropy New Zealand | Tо̄pūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa can see your data for the purposes of providing this service. Contractors may also need to access the information from time to time so we can provide this service. All have signed confidentiality agreements. When funders sign up, they need to agree to our community guidelines respecting the information shared via Match | Te Puna Taurite. This means they will use it only for the intended purposes (to find charities to fund and work with other funders to support charities) and will not share it beyond their organisations.
  • Q: How does Match | Te Puna Taurite fit with other organisations who support fundseekers to raise funds?
    Match | Te Puna Taurite complements other organisations who help non-profits acquire funding. Match | Te Puna Taurite is focused on enabling fundseekers to get in front of a range of funders more easily; funders to find charities; and for funders to connect with other like-minded funders. There are other services who have a database of available funding and information on when application rounds close, or who provide help with fundraising. These include the: · Fundraising Institute of New Zealand · Hui E! Community Aotearoa · Generosity New Zealand · Strategic Grants Match | Te Puna Taurite is also set up to support funders that will partly or fully fund projects or charities, and who may therefore seek a relationship agreement or letter of donation as part of the process. Givealittle is a great service for givers wanting to search for charities and projects and give donations.
  • Q: Is there a cost?

    A: We have generous seed funding to establish Match | Te Puna Taurite, however, we are operating a user pays model to ensure sustainability. Funders using the service pay more than charities, with fees for funders based on their annual distribution amounts. Larger charities pay more than smaller charities, while the smallest charities pay nothing. Fees for fundseekers are linked to the Government’s reporting standards, which categorise charities into four tiers based on their annual expenses/operating payments. Information on charity tiers can be found on the Charities Services website. A subscription fees table, showing a breakdown of fees, is available here. Early bird pricing until 31st October 2022. Invoicing from 1st October 2022.

  • Q: I’m a Philanthropy New Zealand | Tōpūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa member, can I use Match | Te Puna Taurite with my membership?
    This is an additional service on top of those provided to members of Philanthropy New Zealand | Tо̄pūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa (PNZ). Due to this, PNZ members need to subscribe separately to Match | Te Puna Taurite.