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  • Who is a ‘funder’?

    In the context of Match | Te Puna Taurite, funders are organisations or individuals that distribute a minimum of $20,000 in philanthropic funding or grants per annum.

  • Are the fundseekers on Match | Te Puna Taurite verified?

    Fundseekers are verified via our acceptance criteria. We aim to facilitate initial matches and we recommend that you do your own due diligence prior to funding an organisation.

  • Can funders be individuals or private donors, rather than organisations?

    Funders using Match | Te Puna Taurite can be either organisations, individual philanthropists, or those that advise funders.

  • Can funders be anonymous on the site?

    Generally the names of participating funders are displayed on the website, however talk to us if you would like to remain anonymous. For example, individual philanthropists may not wish to have a public profile with their giving, meanwhile it may not be appropriate for advisors to funders to be named. We promise confidentiality in our engagement with you. Match | Te Puna Taurite is a service of Philanthropy New Zealand which engages with a wide range of philanthropists and grantmakers and has an excellent track record in maintaining privacy.

  • Who can view my profile?

    Funders can view other funders’ profiles, unless you’ve talked to us about a need for anonymity. You can also choose to be contacted by other funders (for information sharing, or collaboration purposes).

  • What information do I need to sign up with Match | Te Puna Taurite?

    Joining Match | Te Puna Taurite is a two-step process. First you apply, and all you need for that is your organisation’s name, or your name if you’re registering as an individual, and an email address we can use for verification. We may be able to approve you immediately to use this service if your giving is public information (for example we can check it out on your website or on the Charities Register). Or we may contact you to discuss. Once you’ve been approved for the service, you can then create your profile and start using Match | Te Puna Taurite. We welcome you getting in contact with us before signing up for a chat and to ask any questions.

  • What does the funder collaboration look like?

    Match | Te Puna Taurite enables and encourages funders to connect with other funders where they have indicated they are open to collaboration. Funders can see other funders’ areas of interest, and then connect based on their shared funding priorities. Funders can connect one-to-one, or with multiple other funders. You’ll be alerted to any connections via your email, rather than needing to log in to Match | Te Puna Taurite to check. We will also be hosting a small number of forums, where funders can discuss topics.

  • Are we able to contact fundseekers via Match | Te Puna Taurite?

    Funders can submit questions to fundseekers and also indicate they would like to connect to discuss funding opportunities. Fundseekers are able to either answer or decline questions and accept or ignore requests to connect.

  • Can I save searches of fundseekers and funding requests?

    Yes you can, as we know that sometimes it takes time to shortlist and make funding decisions.

  • Can funders use Match | Te Puna Taurite to respond to an emergency event?

    Match | Te Puna Taurite will be an invaluable tool in the event of an emergency. Match | Te Puna Taurite will enable funders to search for fundseekers involved in first response. They can filter funding requests by those tagged with the specific emergency. Also, funders can participate in an emergency response forum to share information and possibly coordinate a response with other funders.