21st February 2022

Why is this needed?

Philanthropic and grant funding makes a significant contribution towards the critical community work not for profits undertake. J B Were estimated $3.8b was given in the philanthropic and grant dollar in 2018.

There are a number of challenges for both funders and registered charities in accessing and distributing funding. Many funders and registered charities, and their representative bodies, are focussed on continual improvement and there are some great examples of best practice in philanthropy. However, change at a system level is challenging, given the sector is a decentralised one with numerous small and independent participants.

Match | Te Puna Taurite seeks to provide practical ways to help funders and fundseekers with the challenges. However, it’s also more than that – this service will support change at a system level over time. 

Key pain points Match | Te Puna Taurite aims to progress are:
Charities spend significant time and resource identifying what funders they may be able to apply to for funding. Some small charities have no capacity to find funders and make applications. The 2018 J B Were Support Report, produced in collaboration with Philanthropy New Zealand | Tōpūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa, showed that 91 per cent of the $3.8b given annually went to just 9 per cent of registered charities. Time and money spent applying for funds means less resource for delivering services.

Match | Te Puna Taurite reduces the time charities need to spend identifying and applying for funding; and increase accessibility to funding for small charities with little or no fundraising resource. It allows registered charities to create a profile and load their funding proposals on a single website, quickly getting their needs in front of multiple funders – some of which they may not have even known to apply to. 

It can be difficult and time consuming for funders to find and engage charities that work in the areas and for causes they want to support – and vice versa.  Again, resource used searching for suitable charities can mean less money available to give to community organisations.

Match | Te Puna Taurite gives funders an easy online way to find their charitable match. They may not have heard of many of the smaller charities on Match | Te Puna Taurite, who are doing amazing work in communities, but with little resource to tell funders their story.

There is inequity in the funding system, as with other sectors within Aotearoa New Zealand. While the data is limited, anecdotally its understood that population groups most in need of support to achieve equity are those who find accessing funding most challenging.

Match | Te Puna Taurite seeks to particularly support Māori, Pasifika, ethnic, Rainbow and disabled communities.

The funding sector is decentralised, with many small players operating independently. Many funders want an easier way to connect with others funders with shared interests. This may be sharing information, research, or collaborating or co-funding a project.  

Match | Te Puna Taurite enables funders to connect with each other, perhaps even collaborating to co-fund particular projects. The ability for funders to collaborate and co-fund will benefit charities, for example, if they can be fully funded by a group of funders rather than needing to make a number of applications to secure the needed funds.  

Both funders and fundseekers face challenges during a crisis or emergency event, such as the Christchurch earthquakes or COVID-19 lockdowns. Registered charities involved in responding to a major event may be faced with increased community need, without resource to make funding applications. Funders lack a place to find out which community organisations need extra support.

Match | Te Puna Taurite makes it easier and quicker to find and direct funds to groups dealing with a crisis or emergency. Charities can flag that they need money to meet a particular crisis. Funders know their money is getting to where it’s needed, with a minimum lost in wasted administrative time. 

The funding system would benefit from more two-way sharing of feedback between registered charities and funders. It can be challenging for registered charities to provide feedback to funders and make suggestions for improved processes; for common trends to be identified; and for funders to hear the information. There are a number of excellent data gathering exercises run by organisations like Hui E! Community Aotearoa, Volunteering New Zealand, and the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand. Funders can also strike common patterns with charities’ funding requests, which would be useful for fundseekers to know.

Match | Te Puna Taurite will further amplify community voice, and is well positioned to support funders to continue to make positive change. It can also provide funder feedback to fundseekers. Its service will adapt in response to feedback.

There is little data available about philanthropic funding flows in Aotearoa New Zealand, although reports like J B Were’s Support Report provide valuable insight.

Match | Te Puna Taurite will analyse and share anonymised data  to support greater knowledge of philanthropic funding in our country. From time to time it may also ask its users to participate in surveys that generate a deeper picture of one area of the funding system.

Charities often create unique funding proposals for each funder to meet their individual criteria. Each funder spends time undertaking due diligence on charities that has already been carried out. This is an example of resources by both parties being tied up in funding administration rather than creating impact.

Match | Te Puna Taurite verifies that all participating charities are approved Registered Charities. It encourages funders to make positive comments on funding proposals where they have already undertaken due diligence on a charity. These comments would be approved by the charity and can be seen by other funders. Over time, Match | Te Puna Taurite will carefully and transparently look at how it can support reduced funder due diligence.  

Match | Te Puna Taurite has been designed as a system response to address pain points across Aotearoa New Zealand’s fragmented philanthropic and charitable funding sector.   

It won’t fix complex problems overnight but it will alleviate some and create change. It’s an important tool towards developing a more accessible, equitable and collaborative funding and giving system in Aotearoa New Zealand.  

Join Match | Te Puna Taurite to access its services and be part of positive change!